Haynes House by Frank Lloyd Wright
Experience living in a genuine Frank Lloyd Wright home. An extraordinary opportunity awaits you.

“Organic buildings are the strength and lightness of the spiders' spinning, buildings qualified by light, bred
by native character to environment, married to the ground.”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

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"My wife expressed the sentiment that it was her favorite of the four Wright rentals we have stayed in."
- P.R. New Lenox, IL

"The longer we were here the more we enjoyed it. We stayed at the Seth Peterson Cottage and this was even better!"
- K.S. Oak Forest, IL


This is a rare opportunity to experience a fully restored genuine Frank Lloyd Wright designed Usonian house by actually living in the house. An opportunity to experience firsthand the warm, intimate, elegant, and ultra private space that Mr. Wright was known for throughout his career.


You are reserving the entire house for your enjoyment. Not just a room as in a bed & breakfast. The house is a fully equipped 2 to 3 bedroom (see “floor plan”), 1,411 square foot, two-bathroom house that Mr. Wright designed at the height of his career to comfortably accommodate a family of four. There is 1 queen and 2 Twin XL beds. The house is yours alone to enjoy and is filled with a deep energy of peace. All the comforts of home are here, and all you need to bring are your personal belongings.


The house is nestled on a wonderful 1.2-acre plot that faces southwest toward small woods. The great room dominates its plan, with floor to ceiling French doors admitting shafts of natural light from the setting sun. Overhanging eves block the high summer sun, but admit a great deal of light and heat in the winter. Its more sheltered northeast side protects the house from cold weather and any potential noise from the street.

Other features include Red Tidewater Cypress board & batten paneling, three dimensional cantilevered fireplace and overhead lighting integrated into the ceiling to provide warm, soothing light. The space within is absolutely stunning.


Location, location, location!  The house is conveniently located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  There are nine major cities (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Dayton, Louisville and Columbus) all within a 200 mile radius of Fort Wayne.  Extend that radius to 500 miles, and you’ve covered territory that approximately one-third of the U.S. population and two-thirds of the Canadian population calls home. All within a one-day drive or two hour flight to Fort Wayne.

There is also a variety of top upscale restaurants and shopping are all literally less than 1 mile away from the house.